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Improve Website Speed For Your Target Audience

Forget PageSpeed. That's antiquated.

This is about Core Web Vitals and making your website perform at it's best. We ensure you don't lose website features or any design panache.

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A muscular man in athletic wear sprints forward with intense speed, leaving a trail of dynamic motion effects behind him. The background is dark, emphasizing his powerful form and movement. His every stride captures the essence of core web vitals—speed, performance, and impactful visuals.

Loading Speed Makes A Huge Difference

In the modern world, your website has to be fast, error free, and look amazing. We use the latest Google Looker Studio Data to see how your website loads for your customers.

We don't rely on the outdated pagespeed tool that everyone else uses. That is so 'last decade'. It's your customers that count, not a score.

Looker Studio

You can see the PageSpeed scores for every customer that hits your website. Not just one test, from a land far away.

Relevent Metrics

See how customers see your website in the real world, not a simulation. Take action on what matters using real life experiences.

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Optimizing Websites

Make Your WordPress Website
As Smooth As Silk

We look at how your customers are interacting with your website on Google's Looker Studio and take action. It's all done live on Google Meet so you can physically watch us work on your website.

  • We keep all website functionality
  • We consult live over Google Meet
  • Your website will be faster and smoother
  • Tailored to your users, not a useless score
  • Completely bespoke to your own website
  • No handing over logins to strangers

If Your Users Like Your Site, It Will Rank Higher

We Can't Stress This Enough

Think About Your Users, Not A Score!

A good site will rank higher. Interaction, dwell time, site speed, and smoothness combine to satisfy Google's algorithm. It's what the user wants. It's what Google wants.

Speed Is Important

Speed is part of the big picture. Being fast, and error free is what users expect. Make sure optimization is done correctly so it does not interfere with other areas of your website.

Interaction Is Key

Speed is a key ingredient in interaction. It enhances dwell time which helps your overall SERP's. Don't keep users waiting or it will turn them off, which then turns Google off.

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Simon Parker

Chief Executive Officer

"I specialize in pagespeed, and everywhere I look online it's all about the pagespeed score. It's all mumbo jumbo. Hardly anybody uses the 4G network in a modern country anymore, and certainly not a Motorola phone that's several years old. It harms websites chasing this score. Your customers deserve more.”

Tanya West

Marketing Manager

“All I know is that Envy Websites make beautiful, fast websites. I'm not a specialist, but I do know that as an end user, slow sites turn me away.”


Core Web Vitals
Question & Answers.

The internet has grown up in recent years, and you need to tackle website speed in a new way. Let's talk Core Web Vitals.

Google does not use the pagespeed score to rank your website. What it uses is real world data from the Looker Studio. This tells you the speed and efficiency every single visitor to your website is experiencing.

Pretty much, yes. It is not used for ranking purposes. What it does do, is point to errors that could be fixed, but that is about all it is good for. It was developed for developers in the first place, not for ranking purposes.

Yes, to pinpoint errors, but not for the end score. Your website rank is decided by your real world users. If they like your site (ie: it's fast and interactive with a good dwell time) it will rank well.

Lab data is your pagespeed score. It's a simulation, using an old phone simulator on the 4G network. It has no relevence in the real world as most people use modern phones such as iPhones on the 5G network.

Field data is Core Web Vitals. Real data, real metrics, from your users.

A futuristic, silhouetted profile of a human figure with a transparent spherical head filled with glowing blue and orange orbs and light patterns, akin to the dynamic nature of core web vitals. The dark background emphasizes the glowing elements representing space and technology.
A red, dashed, right-angled trapezoid with one vertical, one horizontal, and two slanted sides. The shape is tilted with the bottom side slanting upwards to the left and the top slanting downwards to the right. No content inside. Black background.
A smiling person with glasses and a beard, wearing a red plaid shirt and a black hoodie, is working on a laptop in a warmly lit café. The background is softly blurred with glowing lights, creating a cozy atmosphere. They appear focused, possibly crafting the next big thing for envy websites.

Instant Core Web Vitals

We can also offer Core Web Vitals advice over Google Meet with our live instant SEO consultations. Just book a call and we can tell you what to focus on, and what to not waste your time over. If we have time, we may even be able to incorporate a few of the fixes for you ourselves.

The internet is full of myth’s, and most of it is outdated. Book an Instant SEO call today to stop fretting over your pagespeed score, and get help directly from the staff at Envy Websites.


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