Frequently Asked Questions

SEO Subscriptions

Envy Website's SEO Subscription Service is a comprehensive package designed to optimize your website's search engine visibility and drive organic traffic.

It includes a range of SEO strategies tailored to your business needs, ensuring improved rankings and increased online presence.

Video calls are an integral part of our service, allowing direct communication between clients and our SEO experts on Google Meet only.

During these calls, we discuss strategy updates, progress reports, and address any queries or concerns you may have.

It ensures transparency and collaboration throughout the optimization process, and we can physically work on your website too with your assigned hours.

No, the time allocated for each subscription period does not roll over to the next month.

We encourage clients to use any allocated time effectively to maximize service benefits.

However, additional hours can be arranged if needed, subject to availability via our Instant SEO service.

As a subscriber, you will have access to our SEO Dashboard, providing real time insights into your website's performance metrics, keyword rankings, traffic analytics, and more.

Our intuitive interface empowers you to track progress and make informed decisions to further optimize your online presence.


Our Hybrid SEO Subscription Services are designed to suit your specific goals and requirements.

Whether you're focusing on local SEO, e-commerce optimization, or content marketing, our experts tailor strategies to align with your business objectives and drive tangible results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Web Design

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At Envy Websites, we require a 25% deposit upfront to initiate the project. The remaining balance is payable upon completion of the website.

We believe in transparency and effective communication. Throughout the project, we keep in touch via video calls to discuss progress, address any concerns, and ensure alignment with your vision.

Yes, any additional work requested outside the agreed-upon scope is billable.

We'll provide transparent pricing for these extra services, ensuring clarity and fairness in all our dealings.

Our aim is to deliver a website that exceeds your expectations.

However, if you're not completely satisfied with the final result, we'll work closely with you to address any concerns and make necessary revisions until you're happy with the outcome.


We value long term relationships with our clients. After the website is launched, we provide continued support and maintenance, updates, or further development needs you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are a set of specific factors that Google considers crucial in determining the overall user experience of a website.

These factors include loading performance, interactivity, and visual stability.

They are vital because they directly impact how users perceive and interact with your site, influencing factors such as bounce rate and conversion rates.

Envy Websites' Core Web Vitals service goes beyond traditional performance metrics by focusing on real-time user experience.

Rather than solely relying on tools like PageSpeed Insights, which provide a static analysis, our service identifies pain points that real visitors to your website are experiencing.

By using Google Meet for a comprehensive 4-hour session, we delve deep into the user journey to uncover areas for improvement.

While PageSpeed scores serve as a reference point, our primary focus is on the actual feel and response of the website experienced by users.

We understand that user perception goes beyond mere numbers. Therefore, our evaluation process involves a 30-day period or 2,000-3,000 visitors to accurately gauge whether the Core Web Vitals have been adequately addressed.

Ultimately, the results are governed by the users' real life interactions with the site.

Our service targets a range of issues that directly impact user experience, such as slow loading times, unresponsive interactive elements, and content shifts that disrupt readability.

By identifying and addressing these pain points, we aim to enhance the overall usability and satisfaction of your website for visitors.

It's essential to continuously monitor and re-evaluate your website's Core Web Vitals to ensure ongoing optimization.

We recommend conducting periodic assessments, ideally every 30 days or after reaching 2,000-3,000 visitors, to track the effectiveness of implemented changes and address any new issues that may arise.

This iterative approach ensures that your website consistently meets the evolving standards of user experience set by search engines like Google.

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