At Envy Websites, we often get approached by restaurant owners frustrated with their web presence. The business model may be simple enough, but the task of publishing a restaurant’s offerings online in an enticing but easy-to-navigate way presents some interesting questions.

Too often we see restaurant websites whose menu is offered as a PDF download, with confusing or out-of-date flash graphics that are unreadable to the search engines. What’s more, these websites may not be mobile-friendly, which is essential for any business in 2015, but especially important to a restaurant whose visitors are far more likely to be searching for them on a mobile device.

Restaurants do not fit the “standard” website trends. How to display the menu? How to show the ambience or atmosphere? How to match the look and feel of the establishment? These problems can only be solved with a custom website designed from the ground-up to match the aspirations and values of the business.

In addition to this, we’ve developed a solution to that allows restaurant owners to easily manage and update menus and even bookings online.

The Taj Mahal Restaurant in Minehead take delivery of their new website in June 2015

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