Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure

Our complaints procedure has two stages, detailed below. We aim to resolve the majority of complaints at stage one, but if you remain unhappy you may take your complaint to the second stage.

Stage One

Please contact our support department. This can be done by ticket or phone call.

If the problem is easily resolved, we will try to deal with the complaint immediately. It’s our aim to investigate the circumstances leading to the complaint to see if we can take action to avoid a similar problem arising again.

If your complaint is more complicated, we will investigate thoroughly and where a mistake on our part has been made, we will put it right. We will inform you in full of the results of our investigation.

Sometimes we may need to seek further information in order to resolve a complaint. We will advise you when a response can be expected, if the complaint can not be addressed within the given time period, and the reasons for the delay.
If for any reason the complaint is related to circumstances beyond our control, we will advise how the issue can best be resolved and, if possible, with whom.

Stage Two

If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with the response you have received at stage one, you can refer your complaint to the relevant senior manager. In order to ensure that your complaint is now dealt with at stage two please clearly mark it as a ”Stage Two Complaint”.
A senior manager will then investigate your complaint and aim to give you a response within 7 working days.